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Lastest news from our BFS News Blog!

Volunteer Workdays resume Saturday, April 2
28 March 2022
After a little hiatus thanks to Omicron, we are excited to announce that BFS Volunteer Workdays will resume, this Saturday, April 2, when we will be planting native plants, propagated by CalBG from BFS stock, in the Foothill Blvd Parkway...More

Problems with Use Request processing!
27 October 2021
We are currently having technical difficulties with the Use Request processing system. If you have any problems, please email the Director at

Volunteer Workdays resume – COVID-style
8 May 2021
Big excitement at the BFS – today was the first volunteer workday since March 7, 2020! We had a “soft open” with a very small group to make see how things went with our new We had a “soft open” with a very small group to make see how things went with our new COVID-19 protocols in place ...More

Modified BFS activities due to COVID-19 response
12 March 2020
COVID-19, the disease caused by a novel coronavirus has arrived in LA County. Although there are currently no confirmed cases in Claremont, the Claremont Colleges are responding vigorously to mitigate the potential threat. In addition to moving all undergraduate classes online ... More

Scenes from cattail cutting – weeks 1 & 2
1 October 2019
The first two volunteer workdays of the 2019-2020 academic year were, as usual, devoted to cutting back cattails in pHake Lake. The cattails weren’t planted when the lake was first constructed. They got there on their own, and, boy, do they love it! They grow very tall and thick ... More

BFS volunteer workdays – looking back and moving forward
17 September 2019
As we move into a new academic year – and a new season of volunteer workdays – it’s fun and satisfying to look back on what we accomplished last year and to look at some photos not previously posted... More

California Invasive Species Action Week! Green Crew helps out at the BFS!
10 June 2019
The California Department of Fish & Wildlife designated June 1-9 as “California Invasive Species Action Week“, and we at the BFS are doing our part! We teamed up the Sustainable Claremont’s Green Crew to remove invasive plants ... More

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